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Affected Environment

The Affected Environment section of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) includes a description of the existing environmental conditions in the project’s footprint.  Discussions within this chapter may highlight important background material, such as “previous and reasonably foreseeable development and actions.”

This portion of the EIS also may include “such information as actions taken or proposed by the community or citizen groups pertinent to the proposal, or any other unique factors associated with the action.” The Affected Environment section may include location and vicinity maps, project layout plans and photographs. This section may contain commercial, industrial and residential areas; places of public assembly like churches, schools, hospitals and public parks; wildlife and waterfowl refuges and designated wildlife habitat; and wetland and floodplain areas to name a few.

The section also will include information on political jurisdictions potentially affected by the proposed development along with population estimates and other relevant demographic data. The analysis also should include any references to “present and reasonably foreseeable future actions, whether federal or non-federal, including related or connected actions.”

Quotes taken from FAA Order 1050.1E

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