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Oct. 5, 2010

IDOT Project Team Seeks Landowner Input on Past Flood Events

SPRINGFIELD — As a part of ongoing floodplain surveys and modeling for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the South Suburban Airport, the Illinois Department of Transportation, Division of Aeronautics (IDOT) is seeking landowner input to help validate the results of floodplain computer modeling. 

IDOT is seeking landowner input on past storm events to identify the flood levels that occurred near streams.  These events could be documented through a landowner’s recollection of storms that may have occurred that caused nearby streams to flood and/or encroach on buildings or other areas.  Other documentation could include photographs, high-water staining, or simply a landowner’s recollection of water overtopping a road or water approaching a specific location on a property. 

Once identified, these high-water elevations would be measured by surveyors on IDOT’s project team, aiding in the creation of a floodplain map developed using computer models for predicting storm event flows.

The FAA’s EIS will include a detailed floodplain map identifying the flood limits for streams in the project area.  The area being surveyed has the approximate boundaries of Pauling/Goodenow Road on the north; Illinois Route 1 on the east; Beecher-Peotone Road on the south; and Harlem Avenue on the west.

To share information with the IDOT project team, please contact Mr. Peter Quattrocchi, South Suburban Airport project manager, by phone at 708-258-6783, by fax at 708-258-6972, or via e-mail at IDOT would appreciate receiving landowner input by Oct. 30, 2010.

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