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June 15, 2010

IDOT Aeronautics unveils
revamped SSA Website

SPRINGFIELD — Susan Shea, Ph.D., director of the Illinois Department of Transportation’s Division of Aeronautics announced today the launch of an updated, redesigned website for the South Suburban Airport project. According to Shea, the updated website offers extensive information about the planning, environmental, and land acquisition processes associated with the ongoing South Suburban Airport project near Chicago.

“We are excited to unveil the revamped SSA website. This redesigned website features a fresh new look, efficient layout and simplified navigation. Providing users with easier and more intuitive access to project information is a prevailing theme throughout the entire site,” says Shea.

The website will continue to supply the public with a clear and concise status of the ongoing land acquisition process. The hallmark of the website, the ALAS system, allows access to real-time information about which parcels the state has acquired and which ones remain to be purchased. And it provides purchase dates, ownership, and price information for every parcel acquired for SSA.

Additionally, the planning and environmental areas of the site have been improved. As the state submits reports to the Federal Aviation Administration for review, those documents will appear on the website in the “Reports and Documents” sections.

The new website also will allow for improved interaction between the SSA project and the general public. Through the “Contact Us” area of the site, visitors to the website may sign up to receive periodic project updates and e-mail alerts when important project milestones are reached.

“Since its original launch in 2001, the SSA website has proven to be an excellent tool for making project information available 24/7 to anyone looking to learn more about SSA. We are confident this new website will help SSA remain one of the most transparent major public works projects in the nation,” says Shea.

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