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Frequently Asked Questions

When did the Illinois Department of Transportation's Division of Aeronautics start buying land for the proposed South Suburban Airport in Will County?

On April 4, 2001, the Division of Aeronautics began buying land for the proposed South Suburban Airport near Peotone, Ill. ( See map .) 

What is meant by a willing seller?

A willing seller is a property owner who consents to the purchase of his or her property by the department.

What is meant by fair market value?

Fair market value is that price which a willing buyer would pay in cash and a willing seller would accept when the buyer is not compelled to buy and the seller is not compelled to sell.

Will any property be acquired by condemnation?

If negotiations are unsuccessful, the department has the legal authority to use condemnation to acquire private property for construction of the airport.

How will a price be established for my property?

The state will follow all federal guidelines. ( See Land Acquisition for Public Airports. ) The property will be appraised and the seller will receive fair market value for his or her property.

Are there monetary benefits for relocation? How do I qualify for that?

The discussion of relocation benefits is also found in the Land Acquisition for Public Airports information. The level of benefits will be determined on an individual basis.

Can I rent my farm from the state? If so, for how long?

Farm land may be rented until the land is needed for construction.

If I want to talk about selling my property, what should I do first?

You should contact the South Suburban Airport Project Office. Our staff will schedule an appointment with you to discuss any acquisition and relocation benefit questions you might have.

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