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Building and plan sheet

Facilities Implementation Plan

The facility implementation plan provides guidance to the airport sponsor on how to implement the findings and recommendations of the master plan.  Facility implementation plans vary with the complexity of the development studied.  The plan can include schedules, listing of key projects and their descriptions, timing of the development, estimated costs and other ancillary actions, such as environmental mitigation.

Larger airfield improvements may require detailed plans that include a comprehensive master schedule for the construction and operation of major projects, a detailed coordination plan outlining key activities and responsibilities, and detailed project descriptions in the form of project data sheets or program booklets for each major task.  One of the major elements produced by the facility implementation plan is the formulation of an airport’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP).

The Federal Aviation Administration’s Advisory Circular 150/5070-6B, “Airport Master Plans,” states the following:

“In all cases, an implementation plan should provide the airport sponsor and FAA with the information they will need to integrate the master plan’s recommendations with the daily activities of the airport.”
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