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Surface Transportation

In order to determine the regional surface transportation network’s interaction with the airport, an Airport Master Plan examines the surface transportation network and proposes modifications and/or improvements to the existing system to accommodate an airport’s proposed development.

The Federal Aviation Administration’s “Airport Master Plans” Advisory Circular 150/5070-6B states that: “The regional roadway network, on-airport circulation roadways, and parking facilities are the principal components of the ground access system. The capacity and reliability of this system will determine the level of service provided to air travelers on the ground access segment of their trip.”

The South Suburban Airport (SSA) Master Plan is conducting two surface transportation studies: an Access Justification Report (AJR) and an Airport Access Plan.

The AJR reviews a proposed interchange on Interstate 57 and the new Airport Entrance Road.  The AJR also studies the implications and logistics of crossing the Canadian National Railway and Illinois Route 50. The AJR is subject to evaluation by the Illinois Department of Transportation - Division of Highways, and the Federal Highways Administration (FHWA).

SSA’s interaction with local roadways is examined in the Airport Access Plan.  The Airport Access Plan looks at the current surface transportation network around SSA and identifies potential effects on travel routes and traffic levels stemming from SSA’s Inaugural Airport Program (IAP). The Airport Access Plan analyses the existing surface transportation network, including state, county and township roads and the rail system.  It identifies the community transportation patterns of first responders (police, fire, and ambulance), school bus routes, mail and commercial delivery vehicles, and others.  The Airport Access Plan presents an overview of expected road modifications and potential improvements to the surrounding local road network to accommodate the IAP.

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